Customer Service

1. Trust Capital TC has replied to an enquiry of mine, but I am not satisfied with the reply. What can I do?

At Trust Capital TC, our customers are our top priority. Trust Capital TC strives to ensure that all customer enquiries are dealt with promptly, effectively and with the world-class customer service you have grown accustom to. In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with the service you were provided, you are welcome to contact Trust Capital TC’s Compliance department at support@trustcapitaltc.com who will thoroughly look into your enquiry. A Trust Capital TC Compliance Officer will independently review your enquiry and will inform you of its outcome.

2. I am still not satisfied with the way in which my enquiry was handled. What shall I do?

Although all enquiries are reviewed with an impartial view, we acknowledge that you may still be dissatisfied with its results. Trust Capital TC views client feedback as an opportunity to improve its products and services; therefore, if you feel so inclined, you may refer your feedback to the Customer Complaints Unit at the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission ((CySEC). Please view our Complaint Handling Policy.

3. My application is for a corporate account. Whose name and address should be on the address confirmation document?

The address verification document should display the entity’s name and primary business address.

4. What is a Certificate of Formation?

A Certificate of Formation is a statement which confirms that a new company has fulfilled the necessary legal requirements for incorporation and is duly incorporated according to the local government or other regulatory agency.

5. What are Articles of Formation?

Articles of Formation state the purpose for which the company was formed, indicate the members of the company, and sets forth its purpose according to the laws of the state in which it is established. These documents are sometimes referred to as Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association and should also include a breakdown of the shares of the company.

6. How do I zoom in or out of a chart?

To zoom in or out on a chart, right-click on the chart and select Zoom In or Zoom Out. You can also use the keyboard shortcut (Shift +) to Zoom in and (Shift -) to Zoom out.


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