Trading Platforms

1. Can I use Expert Advisors?

Yes, Trust Capital TC offers its clients the opportunity to trade using EA’s, please refer to Trust Capital TC Terms & Conditions to read more.

2. How do I install an Expert Advisor?

To install an Expert Advisor, navigate to 'My Computer', 'Program Files' and then the MetaTrader 4 at Trust Capital TC folder. Place the EA into the Experts folder. You will need to restart the MetaTrader platform to see the EA.

3. How do I uninstall MetaTrader4?

  • From the Start Menu, select “Control Panel”;
  • Double-click on “Add or Remove Programs”;
  • Locate the Trust Capital TC MetaTrader4, choose to uninstall and the MetaTrader4 will be uninstalled from your computer.

4. How do I switch between my MetaTrader4 practice account and my live trading account?

  • Open Trust Capital TC MetaTrader4 Client platform.
  • Click on “File” from the top navigation bar, and select “Login”.
  • Type your MetaTrader4 username and password.
  • From the “Server” field choose your desired server.
  • To save the login details, check the “Save Information” box.

5. How do I change my master/investor password?

  • Open your Trust Capital TC MetaTrader4 Client platform;
  • Click on “Tools” from the top navigation bar, select “Options”, then click on “Change” beside the password field;
  • A new window will open to change your password, enter your current password and the new password. Confirm the new password and Click “OK”.

6. Is scalping allowed?

Trust Capital TC allows scalping on Trust Standard Accounts where slippage may occur.

7. Do you allow hedging?

Yes, Trust Capital TC allows hedging.

8. Do you offer bank guarantees?

Trust Capital TC does not offer bank guarantees because it is a regulated entity and keeps all deposits in segregated accounts.

9. Does Trust Capital TC have overnight swaps or interest rates on position?

Trust Capital TC Ltd does not charge swaps or interest on positions kept overnight except for Classic Accounts are charged 6USD per Lot traded.

10. How can I change the default language?

To change your language preference, go to View > Languages. Select your default language. You may need to restart the Meta Trader application for the changes to take effect.

11. How do I zoom in or out of a chart?

To zoom in or out on a chart, right-click on the chart and select Zoom In or Zoom Out. You can also use the keyboard shortcut (Shift +) to Zoom in and (Shift -) to Zoom out.

12. How do I change my chart type?

From the top Menu bar, select Charts. Choose your chart type preference.

13. How can I create Trend Lines and other Line Studies?

To add a trend line or line study, go to Insert > Lines and choose a line study. Line studies can be adjusted on the chart by dragging the white point to the desired area.

14. How do I view the time frame toolbar?

To view the time frame toolbar, go to View > Toolbars and make sure that Periodicity is checked. You will then see the following buttons in the new toolbar:

  • M1 = 1 minute chart
  • M5 = 5 minute chart
  • M15 = 15 minute chart
  • H1 = 1 hour chart
  • H4 = 4 hour chart
  • D1 = daily chart
  • W1 = weekly chart
  • MN = monthly chart

15. What time zone is used for charts and can I change it?

Charts are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and cannot be changed.

16. How do I place a trade within the MetaTrader 4 platform?

To place a trade, select Tools > New Order. Choose the currency pair's symbol, the trade size volume, and Market Execution for Type. Click Sell or Buy within the Market Execution section to place the trade.

17. How close to the prevailing price can I place stop and limit orders?

Limits and stops must be set at least 6 pips away from the prevailing market price.

18. Where are your servers located?

Our servers are located in Cyprus.


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